YEAR: 2021


Duration: 5 Min

Director 晨璐 麻

Where & when: 22 Sept' - 19:45 | אאוטבק

Synopsis: In recent years, appearance discrimination and individual appearance anxiety have become more and more serious, and verbal violence is an important factor driving the situation.FATSHION mainly starts from the first perspective of a girl who is discriminated against because of her obesity, and tells how the unfriendly eyes and language of others promote her inner destruction. The protagonist changes herself five times and three times to meet the eyes of others, and finally loses herself.What I want to express in this work is, first of all, an accusation against the group of discriminators. We should know that although language is not a substance, it can truly affect a person.Secondly, I want to give advice to the discriminated, discriminated people should be firm self, do not change because of others, to live for their own is the meaning of life.My work presents the above ideas in the form of stop-motion animation, and discusses the unique advantages of stop-motion animation in artistic expression of facial anxiety, as well as the accusation of appearance discrimination and the admonition to victims.

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